Heighest Paid Bigg Boss Contestants !!

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Heighest Paid Bigg Boss Contestants


Over the past 9 years, the reality Television Show, “Bigg Boss” has garnered immense popularity among the audience, owing to the high dose of drama and a sneak peek into the lives of celebs that the show brings to light. Be it heated verbal arguments, physical fights or romance, the show has seen it all brewing inside its walls. Latest season of “Bigg Boss” also near to its end.


It is a known fact that the housemates of “Bigg Boss” are given a weekly fee. They are divided into three categories namely top level, mid-level and bottom level. Although we don’t know the details about about the weekly remunerations of the contestants this year, but we have a list of former contestants in “Bigg Boss” who raked in the maximum moolah.


1. Rimi Sen


Rimi Sen in bigg boss 1


Bollywood actress Rimi Sen has been paid a hefty amount for “Bigg Boss” and that is the highest paid amount to a “Bigg Boss’ Contestant ever.  Rs 2 crore is apparently the highest fee for any contestant in the history of Bigg Boss according to the reports. Rimi Sen is signed with more amount than the winner will be getting.


2. Pamela Anderson


Baywatch Pamela Anderson


International celebrity Pamela Anderson was paid Rs. 2.5 crore to participate in the show. She was paid the whopping amount just to stay inside the “Bigg Boss 4″ house for three days.


3. The Great Khali


heighest paid bigg boss contestants


The highest paid contestants list also includes the wrestler Khali, who was paid around Rs. 50 lakh per week to be a part of “Bigg Boss 4″. Entering the house as a wild card, he went on to become the first runner-up on the show.


4. Karishma Tanna


heighest paid bigg boss contestants


Television and movie star Karishma Tanna was paid Rs 10 lakh per week to appear on “Bigg Boss” season eight.


5. Tanishaa Mukherjee


heighest paid bigg boss contestants


After a failed Bollywood career, Tanishaa tried her hand at reality show. She was signed for a fat pay cheque of 7.5 lakh per week, and within 10 weeks of her stay in seventh season of the show, she managed to earn even more than the actual cash price of the winner.


6. Shweta Tiwari



heighest paid bigg boss contestants


Television ruler Shweta Tiwari won the fourth season of the reality show, apart from receiving 5 lakh remuneration for her stay per week. She was one contestant who walked out of the house had become rich.


7. Navjot Singh Sidhu


heighest paid bigg boss contestants


Cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu was a part of the sixth season before attaining the tag of a laughing machine on television. He was signed for 4 lakh per week. And he stayed in the house for five weeks.


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